The black truffle in the cuisine of Les Ombres

Discover the black truffle at Les Ombres...

Let yourself be surprised by the Grilled Amélie oysters, truffled zabaglione and wakame or the Seared sea scallops, simmered beards and black rice, black truffle, recipes imagined by the chef Alexandre Sempere for the end of the season of this product with a unique taste.

At Les Ombres, we work with the Maison Plantin, founded in 1930, to offer you the best black truffles, also known as Tuber Melanosporum.

Its taste and rarity make this product a real jewel for kitchens all over the world. The peak season for black truffles is between December and February and one of the particularities of this product is that it has to be digged, unlike other mushrooms which can be picked.

This black diamond also requires special care in terms of conservation so that it can release all its aromas when used…

Cooked in a variety of ways or simply grated onto dishes, the black truffle remains a product that is highly appreciated in the kitchen for its rich, complex and intense flavour.

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