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Focus on the thongweed, the seafood product sublimated by chef Alexandre Semperé, currently on the restaurant’s menu: Crispy artichoke, thongweed, parmesan and pepper.

Himanthale, also known as sea spaghetti or thongweed, is a variety of seaweed renowned for its versatility in cooking and appreciated for its powerful flavour, its crunchy texture and delicately iodised taste. Used in salads, soups, condiments, as a vegetable and even preserves, it transforms every recipe into a genuine culinary creation.

Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron, seaweed gatherer in Le Croisic

Guided by a shared commitment to responsible, respectful cuisine and farming, chef Alexandre works with Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron, seaweed harvesters in Le Croisic.

Since 1968, Jean-Marie’s family has been contributing to the development of marine aquaculture on a 7-hectare former salt works fed naturally by the sea on the wild coast of the Guérande peninsula. Their marine farm specialises in harvesting seaweed and wild plants.

Throughout the year, Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron adapt to the seasons and pick young seaweed from the coast, respecting nature: dulse, thongweed, sea lettuce, nori… They are then cleaned, packaged and sent out to be consumed fresh encouraging short circuits. Some seaweed is processed directly on the sea farm: canned, dried or sweetened. Their fresh seaweed caviar has become a must-taste at their workshops.

Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron make a point of passing on their knowledge on a daily basis. They open the doors of their marine farm and organise initiation workshops and seaweed harvesting. The aim is to share their know-how, raise public awareness of marine plants and demystify them.

From sea to plate

Seaweed farming is attracting growing interest from chefs and the general public because of its many ecological and economic advantages. It has no impact on the environment, as no fertilisers or pesticides are used, and represents an interesting alternative to meat thanks to its nutritional value and richness in nutrients.

Valérie and Jean-Marie Pédron work closely with many chefs, each of whom uses their seaweed in their own way. « Our relationships with chefs are meaningful and based on trust and respect. We are all creators of happiness, passionate about our work and committed to our customers. The chef is an intermediary to whom we give the best product so that it can be sublimated. Understanding the product’s journey, seeing how this product, a gift from nature, is sublimated by a chef, is very gratifying. »

Jean-Marie Pédron and chef Alexandre Semperé maintain a special relationship, which allows them to create unique dishes, highlighting the richness and quality of local marine products. « Our relationship is very constructive and rewarding. Alexandre allows us to steer certain harvests and crops in the right direction, and our involvement in the creation of dishes is light but very concrete. He’s a creative chef who knows how to adapt to each of my new proposals. »

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