Bramble by Margot Combat

Margot Combat returns to the rooftop of the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac this spring !

Last summer saw the collaboration between Margot Combat, Alain Ducasse and their teams.
This year, Margot Combat and Chef Ducasse are continuing their partnership with the creation of Bramble, in reference to the famous British cocktail originating in the ‘80s and popular well into the ‘90s, with its fresh and fruity springtime flavour of blackberries, as imagined by its creator.

On this extraordinary rooftop terrace, the fully outdoor bar Bramble will lead a life of its own with the friendly support of the teams at the restaurant Les Ombres, and in particular the involvement of Chef Alexandre Semperé who has created a menu of light, simple tapas and snacks to accompany the cocktails.

A bar with a festive, retro atmosphere

Around the iconic Bramble, there are variations with and without alcohol, signature cocktails with local and French roots, and vibrant tones of red, green, and yellow… with a blend of “old-fashioned” winks and subtle humor, balanced with responsible and contemporary choices…all in a festive and retro atmosphere.

The bartenders are both skilled and enthusiastic, more than ready to showcase their craft and, ultimately, the essence of their profession: mixology.

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Practical information

An unexpected cocktail bar on a terrace with a breathtaking view.
Signature cocktails on the rooftop of the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac every day from 6pm.

Enjoy lunch in a setting with a breathtaking view

From Monday to Friday, savour the elegance of lunch with our “Déjeuner sur Branche” menu, including a wine and food pairing.